Iqra International School
Khudiram Pally,
Bahirsarbomangola Para
(Opposite of Nehru
Burdwan, W.B. India 713101
Land Mark: Near City Hotel,
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Admission for MUSLIM MINORITY students (Girls & Boys)

Class XI-Science (HS), Session 2014-16


The town Bardhaman is an ancient one. It has chronological history of advancement of civilization from more than 3000 years. Since then, It is became a centre of Education, Culture and Knowledge. Still in this century, this historic town is emerged as educational hub, place of intellectuals, and stage of cultural vivification of the mass people. Especially it holds significance evidence of culture, rituals, and customs of Muslim people. This grand town carries it beauty within across the time advanced and developed through dynasty over dynasty.

                Today this increasing town Burdhaman graciously possessed an university in the name “Burdwan University”, Medical College, Engineering College, Law College, B.Ed. College, Graduate Colleges, Schools along with so many government and nongovernment effective, active educational institutions. In this town, as an educational hub, the students are privileged and benefited who used to come from the remote villages of extreme West Bengal in search of better destiny.

                Since the historic era this town evolves as an important centre of growing civilization thus the road and rail communication to the place is well connected with other part of West Bengal as well as entire India. Increasing affluence of this peaceful town ensures the assurance of safety, socio-economic progress and liberal attitude.

                Amidst of this dignified town Bardhaman Iqra International School is a prideful esteemed institution for Muslims of Minority Community. This modern, well-fashioned model residential school specially designed and crafted for the students of class 12th standard.

The very school is appraised and admired by the educationist, intellectuals and knowledge-persons for its indigenous merit, virtuous functionality and ultra modern method of imparting education. This is a heartiest plea from the authorities to visit the very school to keep the excellence of school-management upright and transparent. Educationist, student and parents are requested to visit the school personally to essence the excellence and make suggestions for betterment.

                It obvious “Iqra International School” is not school to produce doctors, engineers only rather it enriches and enlightened the students by developing character, sustainable mental strength, feelings righteousness, self-respects, pursuit true knowledge and fight against evil act in the light of Islam.

More significantly to introduce the ultra modern education system use of computer, internet, learning of other languages, organizing seminar, educational trip, educational & professional counseling is on regular basis is truly essential and timely fashioned. Side by side the presence of eminent personalities at school from the nation and aboard create a sense of globalization and make ability to measure life from bigger perspective

Yes! This is clear that this school is no more a so called MISSION Type School but it has own mission; -mission to “Save our child by imparting true education rather ruined them through make-shift of certifications owned” and this very school is continuous and active on this regard.

Thus heartiest efforts are being devoted to bring the grameen Muslim talents of remote West Bengal into the main stream of modern global education by nurturing, caring and providing requisite infrastructure. Immaterializing the fact of business-profitability the school restricted their curriculum only between class ninth to class twelfth level to provide quality service for shake of Muslims of Minority Community.

Bricks and mortar do not an institution make. However, the paraphernalia needed to keep body and mind in the right frame is considered here. Thus for continuous improvement of student-health filtered drinking water, nutritious nourishment, medical awareness and health checkup camp is a priority tusks and for mental strength practice of regular SALAT (Namaz), Dua (prayer), Recitation of noble Quran and yoga is essential part of daily school activities.

The characteristics of multifaceted, multidimensional visionaries and thinking of this school gradually arise. Here students come from diverse backgrounds and find comfort in knowing that the 'fairness denominator' applies to each and every one. Only within two years, starting from 2010, level of student-growth reached at the threshold of 200 students starting from only 15 students. More and more Muslim girls from every nock and corner are benefited due to the sincere and careful approaches of the school especially in the case of accommodation, security and safety of girl’s student.

                This school has also bear the fees of meritorious and poor students (fully or partially ) by the help of  “Direct to Student Sponsorship Fund” of the school. This special effort of fund generation is only possible and operable due to unconditional help of our well-wishers and supportive institutions. Hope their futuristic big initiative will help our trailing Muslim society educationally more advanced and developed.


    07.01.2014    PHYSICS & NUTRITION
    10.01.2014    CHEMISTRY & GEOGRAPHY
    16.01.2014    HOME Sc.
    25.01.2014    BIOLOGY
    27.01.2014    COMPUTER APPLICATION Students are requested to collect their exam routine from Principal


    &ltp> All are requested to collect their USER-ID &ampamp;ampamp; Password from Administrative Head


    DATE                                        SUB                               TIME

    13.01.2014                             BEN                    9.00 A.M.

    14.01.2014                             ENG                    9.00 A.M.

    15.01.2014                             LIFE.SC              9.00 A.M.

    17.01.2014                             HIST                    9.00 A.M.

    18.01.2014                             GEO                    9.00 A.M.

    20.01.2014                             MATH                   9.00 A.M.

    21.01.2014                             PHY.SC               9.00 A.M.



    DATE                                 SUB                                              TIME

    29.01.2014                       ENG                                            9.00 A.M.

    30.01.2014                     COM.APP                                     9.00 A.M.

    31.01.2014                 CHEM/SANS/ARABIC                    8.00 A.M.

    01.02.2014                      BIOS/HIST                                  9.00 A.M.

    03.02.2014                    PHYS/NUT/EDU                          9.00 A.M.

    05.02.2014                    GEO/H.SC/MATH                         9.00 A.M.

    06.02.2014                          BENG                                       9.00 A.M



          DATE                                     SUB                                        TIME

    29.01.2014                               ENG                                      9.00 A.M.

    30.01.2014                               GEO                                     9.00 A.M.

    31.01.2014                           CHEM/HIST                             8.00 A.M.

    01.02.2014                         SANS/ARABIC                          9.00 A.M.

    03.02.2014                        PHY/EDU/NUT                          9.00 A.M.

    05.02.2014                               MATH                                    9.00 A.M.

    06.02.2014                            BIO/H.SC                               9.00 A.M.

    07.02.2014                            COM.APP                               8.00 A.M

    08.02.2014                              BENG                                   9.00 A.M.